Play online video poker

Alone against the croupier, beginner or expert, play at your own pace! Video poker require strategy and thought, your choice will make the difference against the dealer. The best poker games are at Golden Vegas.

How do you play our online video poker games?

Video poker is a mix between card games, poker and slot machines.

Set your initial stake. The dealer will deal 5 cards, it’s up to you to decide which cards you want to keep in your hand. Create the best possible combination. The dealer will deal again and this will determine your final hand.

Video poker combinations

  • PAIR: 2 identical cards
  • TWO PAIR: 2 x 2 pairs of identical cards
  • THREE OF A KIND: 3 identical cards
  • STRAIGHT: 5 consecutive cards
  • FLUSH: 5 cards of the same suit
  • FULL HOUSE: A pair + three of a kind
  • FOUR OF A KIND: 4 identical cards
  • STRAIGHT FLUSH: 5 consecutive cards of the same suit
  • ROYAL FLUSH: 5 consecutive cards of the same suit starting with 10. This is the strongest hand in video poker, it’s unbeatable!

Golden Vegas has the best online video poker games like Joker Poker and 4 of a Kind Bonus Poker. Make your choice and take on the dealer!