Play online roulette

Chance or strategy? Do you want to take on the croupier and win up to 36 times your stake? Then discover one of Belgium’s unmissable casino games at Golden Vegas: online roulette! Rules, tips and much more. We tell you everything!

How do you play our online roulette games?

The wheel has pockets numbered from 0 to 36. The pockets are either red or black and the zero pocket is green.

Start the roulette game of your choice, set your stakes, place your chips on the numbers, colors or combinations of your choice that you want to bet on. Have you placed your bets? Spin the wheel and from that moment, no more bets! Did the ball land in a pocket you bet on? You’ve won!

Stake strategies:

  • Straight: Bet on a single number and win up to 35 times your stake.
  • Split: Bet on a separating line between 2 numbers and win up to 17 times your stake.
  • Street: Bet on 3 numbers on the edge of the table and win up to 11 times your stake.
  • Corner/square: Bet on 4 numbers, in the center of these, and win up to 8 times your stake.
  • Dozen: Bet on numbers 1 to 12, 13 to 24, or 25 to 36 and win up to 2 times your stake.
  • Column: Bet on all the numbers in the first, second or third column and win up to 2 times your stake.
  • Red or black: Bet on the color of your choice and win your stake if you succeed.
  • Even or odd: Bet on the odd or even numbers.
  • Low: Bet on all the numbers from 1 to 18 and win your stake in chips.
  • High: Bet on all the numbers from 19 to 36 and win your stake in chips.

Different online roulette games

At Golden Vegas, find several types of online roulette, going from European roulette to American roulette and VIP roulette where you can play from just €0.10! So, which online roulette will you choose?