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Frequently asked questions

Which licenses are available on

License B+ - Slot machines
The B license is required to operate a gaming room with automatic games. The Gaming Commission may distribute a maximum of 180 on Belgian territory. Holders of a B-class license must apply for a B+ license to offer games of chance on the internet.

License F+ - Sports betting
The organization of bets and sports betting requires an F license (F1 & F2). The F+ license also allows you to organize online sports betting.

I am unable to start a game / The game is blocked at the page "LOADING GAME".

If you are unable to start a game or if the game is blocked on the page "LOADING GAME", it is likely that the version of Flash Player is not up-to-date. Download and install the update from Flash to solve your problem. ( Download the latest version of FlashPlayer )

For maximum playability, we encourage you to use the browser Google Chrome ( Download Google Chrome )

How long does it take to make a withdrawal in a Golden Vegas gaming room?

Requests for withdrawals in one of our Golden Vegas gaming rooms are validated within 5 minutes.

You are advised to always check the status of your withdrawal request via your Withdrawal History. If your withdrawal has the status “Delayed 24 hours ”, this means that it requires a manual validation. You will then be notified by email as soon as your withdrawal has been validated.

How long does it take for my bank account to be credited after making a withdrawal?

Requests for withdrawals are processed within 2 working days.

An additional period of 1 to 3 days will be necessary, depending on your bank, before the money is available in your bank account.

It can therefore take a total of between 3 and 7 days, from the moment the request is issued until the money is available in your bank account. Note: This time frame can differ for international bank transfers.

It is not possible to make a new deposit while a withdrawal request is awaiting validation. However, you can cancel the withdrawal request in the menu CASHIER -> WITHDRAWAL HISTORY .

What is the legal age to play on

To play on our online casino website, you must respect the conditions fixed by the legislation in force in Belgium.

In Belgium, you must be at least 18 years of age to access the sports section and at least 21 years of age to access the casino section.

Please be aware that you are not authorised to register at Golden Vegas if you are under 18 years of age.

If you are aged between 18 and 21, you may register at Golden Vegas but you can only access our sports section.

If you are 21 or older, you may also access our casino section.

Which professions are forbidden to play ?

In accordance with current legislation, judicial officers, police officers etc. are not authorised to participate in any forms of gambling and may therefore not register on this online casino website. When creating your account, you certify that you do not exercise one of the professions listed above and that you respect the legislation in force in your country.

For more information on this subject, please visit the Gaming Commission’s website:

How do I place a sports bet?

To place a sports bet, you have to create a ticket with the bet(s) that interest(s) you.

“A ticket” (often called “betting slip”) contains all the information about the bet(s) placed. There are different types:

  • - “Simple ticket” - refers to a ticket containing just one bet. If the player has chosen a winning bet, it is a winning ticket. The winnings from a “Simple” ticket are calculated by multiplying the bet with the odds linked to the chosen bet.

  • - “Combined ticket” - this is a ticket containing two to eight different bets, which must all win for it to be a winning ticket. If just one bet is lost, then the entire “Combined” ticket is also lost. The notion of a combination results from the calculation of the global odds of the ticket, and the potential winnings. These are calculated by multiplying your bet with the sum of the different odds on the ticket.

  • - “System ticket” - this is a special ticket that contains a selection of three to eight different bets. It is the most comprehensive ticket that exists. Indeed, with a “System” ticket, you can accumulate the equivalent of numerous tickets based on your selection. You can place combination or partial combination bets.

Should I be registered to play ?

If you are not registered, you can play a demo version for 10 minutes with limited credit, allowing you to evaluate the quality of the games on this website. The game will be interrupted at the end of the 10 minutes.

If you create an account at Golden Vegas, you can play games with PLAY MONEY (virtual money) for as long as you want, either to practise or just for fun.

Having an account at Golden Vegas means that you can also play with REAL MONEY, just like in a land-based casino. In this case, you can choose between different online payment methods to credit your account and also withdraw your winnings to your bank account. To register on this online gaming website, just click on “Create your account ” and complete the form.

What kind of games can I find on Golden Vegas?

This authorised Belgian gaming website offers the same type of games as those allowed in land-based gaming rooms in Belgium (class II games) and in casinos (class I games). These games can be divided into 4 categories:

  • • Slot machines
  • • Dice games
  • • Roulette (also online)
  • • Card games: Blackjack (single or multi-hand) and Poker
What is the difference between “Real money” and “Demo” mode?

When you play with real money, you are playing with the money you deposited in your gaming account. You can withdraw winnings in this game mode.

When you play in Demo mode, you are playing with virtual money. You cannot withdraw winnings in this game mode.

Is Golden Vegas a legal online game site ?

Yes, the online game site Golden Vegas operates under the jurisdiction of the Belgian Gaming Commission. This means that the site has a Belgian Gambling license, which allows to offer gambling games of Class II (B + license). The site respects, therefore, the principles of the interest of the player imposed by the Gaming Commission. (For example, the maximum loss per hour or the control of the payout percentage)

As a Belgian player, what type of gaming websites can I use?

The Belgian online gaming sector has been regulated by legislation since 1 January 2011. This requires that gaming and sports betting websites hold an official Belgian licence if they are to accept Belgian players. Golden Vegas holds such a licence (Licence B+ and F1+ pour sports betting) and is therefore legally authorized to operate.

As a Belgian player, playing on sites that have not been authorized by the Belgian Gaming Commission constitutes an offence, since 1 January 2011, and renders you liable for prosecution. Furthermore, if you play on an illegal website, you run the risk of seeing the site blocked by the authorities, and you do not benefit from the different player protection mechanisms imposed by the Belgian Gaming Commission, such as control of the maximum loss per hour.

What should I do if I am addicted to gambling?

Golden Vegas applies a Responsible Gaming policy. Gaming must remain fun and be seen as a source of entertainment. If you believe that you are addicted to gambling, you can request a self-ban, temporarily or permanently.

It will then be impossible for you to access games for real money on this or any other authorized Belgian online gaming website, as well as in land-based casinos and gaming rooms. You will find all the relevant information (advice, test etc.) in the section “Responsible Gaming” (

How can I deposit money on my Golden Vegas account ?

In order to play with real money on this online game site, you need to make a deposit using one of the following methods of payment:

  • Bancontact (immediately)
  • electronic payment via Belfius (immediately)
  • electronic payment through ING (immediately)
  • prepaid card paysafecard/CASHlib/moneyclic (immediately)
Is my money safe on Golden Vegas ?

Yes. Unlike illegal sites, Golden Vegas works under the control of the Gambling Commission and is based in Belgium.

The money deposited on your account remains secure in Belgium.

How do I obtain a prepaid Cashlib/Moneyclick card?
  • - From a salespoint

    Visit to find a point of sale near you.

  • - Online

  • • Belgian players


    Select “Cashlib” and then follow the different steps to complete an online purchase.

  • • French players

    Follow the different steps to complete an online purchase.

• Limits

A limit is applicable: 500 €/day; 1000€/week; 2500€/year

How do I use my Cashlib/Moneyclick voucher?
  • - Go to the deposit page.

  • - Select Cashlib or Moneyclick.

  • - Enter the amount.

  • - Confirm your transaction (don’t forget to select or ignore a bonus).

  • - You will then be directed to the Cashlib website.

  • - Enter your voucher code in the box “Please enter a voucher code” and then click on “Add”.

My email address
Please enter a valid email address
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Terms and conditions of use

Our terms and conditions of use have been changed. You need to approve them to continue to play and bet.

Legal limit of €500

Since 6 April, the Belgian Gaming Commission has asked players to report any site that does not respect the rules concerning the deposit limit, and specifies that “no increase in this limit can be granted at this time”. wishes to apply this rule, however without penalising players, as the situation is due to the Belgian Gaming Commission’s inability to set up a verification system with the Belgian Central Individual Credit Register despite the fact that a period of 18 months has elapsed since the publication of the Belgian Royal Decree on 25 October 2018.

Therefore, so as not to penalise those players who wish to do so, players that make the request and that can prove via the documents available on the Belgian Central Individual Credit Register that they are not in default of payment, will be able to increase their deposit limit beyond €500, in accordance with the Belgian Royal Decree of 25 October 2018.

In this context:

  • If you are already registered on our website and have already deactivated your “legal” limit, nothing changes for you. If you wish to do so, you way reactivate the “legal” limit on your personal settings page. To deactivate this limit again later, you must provide us with proof that you are not registered on the Belgian Central Individual Credit Register for default of payment.
  • If you are already registered on our website and have not yet deactivated your “legal” limit but wish to do so, you must provide us with proof that you are not registered on the Belgian Central Individual Credit Register for default of payment.
  • If you have just registered on our website and you wish to deactivate your “legal” limit, you must provide us with proof that you are not registered on the Belgian Central Individual Credit Register for default of payment.
  • If you live outside the Kingdom of Belgium, you are not subject to this check. If you decide, or have decided, to deactivate the “legal” limit, you undertake in doing so to play in a responsible manner and accept that we cannot be held liable due to the fact that it is impossible for us to comply with the aforementioned Royal Decree.

You will find a link to the necessary procedure when you indicate your wish to increase your deposit limit on your personal settings page.

Furthermore, we would like to remind you that our website offers you the possibility to set personal limits per day, week or month. Once a limit is set, it can only be modified after a period of 72 hours to help you play responsibly.

We also remind you that you can exclude yourself from gaming. This can be done at our brick-and-mortar casinos, on our websites or on the website of the Belgian Gaming Commission by registering on the EPIS system.

If you wish to assess whether you have a problematic relationship with gaming, test yourself at

You are self-excluded for the moment

You have been excluded from our website at your request for a 6-month period.

To have your self-exclusion cancelled, please contact our customer service.